Deren Stevens is a film producer, actor and corporate video presenter who has created over 1,500 videos produced for clients worldwide.

Deren’s experience as a TV Presenter, Radio Presenter and Advertiser is what quickly made us feel he would be an awesome ambassador for the Video Veggie brand.

Creating highly converting videos is great but if these are not ranking in Youtube or Google Videos we realised Marketing Empire needed our service.

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Deren Stevens Background

Deren has performed in various independent films, with major speaking roles, as well as Producer/Director for an upcoming TV series (crime drama).

His acting and presenting skills are second to none and work perfectly as a voiceover spokesperson on promotional videos.

With a constant thirst to improve his knowledge and collaborate with talented filmmakers, Deren has taken his career to record heights.

Why Choose Deren Stevens As Your Professional Videographer?

Deren has a purpose-built green screen recording studio that has been built to cater for the growing demand for promotional videos.

With his talented writing and acting background, Deren has the infrastructure with his on-site studio to enhance his workflow and capacity.

Promotional videos can be produced for clients in-house on a green screen to reduce costs/expenses without the need for travel and bespoke screen setup.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss any collaboration opportunities on your upcoming projects with Deren. You can find him here:

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