Video Veggie is a team of entrepreneurial savvy marketers working together to create amazing content and make sure the world sees it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million

Our goal is simple: to help people and businesses succeed online with amazing videos.


Our Story

We’re a full-service video marketing agency.

We started out in local SEO ranking Google My Business Listings and websites in Google Search.

The whole team developed Search Engine Optimisation skills but enjoyed creating, optimising and ranking videos.

We rebranded in 2017 as Video Veggie with one vision to focus on Youtube SEO and ranking videos online.

Our Video Ranking Service

The beauty of Video Veggie is that our services aren’t bound to one industry. Check out our promise on helping you rank your videos better online:

Meet Our Team

We’re a growing team of digital marketing experts and thought leaders — full of personality minus the ego.

We’re the wearer of many hats dedicated to helping companies likes yours grow.

From video production to ranking all your digital assets, we’re the team brands trust to deliver best-in-class results, and the traction other agencies can’t.

Get to know the team below.

Ben Proctor

Ben is the engagement master who can create videos to look viral online. Since the age of 18, Ben has been taught by some of the brightest minds within the industry and has combined all of their teachings to create an unstoppable video ranking strategy. Combining this strategy with his years of video editing within the BBC and various big YouTubers, he knows exactly what steps need to be taken for a video to reach a viral status and get your brand the attention it deserves!

Ben has helped brands including FatRank, Soft Surfaces, Away Grounds, British Racecourses, Searcharoo, Wikiwookie and more to achieve their main goal of ranking #1 on YouTube for their desired terms. By having such a wide variety of satisfied clients, he has also gone to a few masterminds and been a huge advocate for video marketing and offered advice and help to many aspiring marketers who are interested in making the most out of the video.

Video Veggie was created to utilise this very plan that Ben created and help your videos rank number one through the exact same method he used. Other video marketing companies have tried replicating the service but can never meet and match the same quality results Video Veggie is able to produce.

Having Ben on the team is a huge benefit as not only is he one of the only few people who know the YouTube algorithm, but he has a huge interest within it and enjoys every job he gets, no matter how small or how big.

James Dooley

James is an investor in the brand as seen the value of video SEO for his other digital assets that include FatRank.

Photo Of James Dooley

UK Entrepreneur James Dooley brings the business acumen with a portfolio of attributes and skills that every business needs to understand so they can effectively contribute to the goals of the company.

James helps to guide business employees in how they can purposefully chart their business careers.

From initial investment to business knowledge he pulls together the amazing team of savvy marketers to create a brand our clients love.

“To do things I love, with people I love, doing it in a way to be proud of. My job as an entrepreneur is to not accept no, ask why and turn it into a yes. Live rich, die enriched by investing in things that will protect and develop my family, friends and make the world a better place. But the key is doing all this with trust, honesty and integrity”

The core focus and drive James brings is to actually give a sh*t about the customer in making sure we overdeliver and the client gets ROI from any services bought.

Profit is the byproduct and if you create an awesome brand and service in time the profits will come – but initially, all focus is around the customers being happy and making a return on investments.

For more information check out the bio of James Dooley for other businesses he has invested in.

Lefteris Soulas

Leo Soulas is a technology entrepreneur with experience in machine learning, natural language processing and online marketing.Leo Soulas

He holds an MSc in computer science and mathematics and has a decade of work experience working as a senior data scientist.

He is the founder of Keyword Cupid, an online neural network training platform that uses an ensemble of ML models to cluster keywords and unravels semantic relationships.

In VideoVeggie, he is primarily focused on automation, operations research and scalability. Along with our team of skilled researchers, he leads the testing of all things related to video optimization.

Our brand’s mission is to:
1. Test constantly
2. Find what works
3. Automate it
4. Rinse and repeat

Our technical expertise differentiates us and places VideoVeggie in the forefront of search engine optimization for video in popular platforms such as Google Videos, YouTube, Vimeo and others.

Dan Grant

Dan works closely with Ben as part of the Video Veggie team, helping in the production of the videos, working to manage content creation and optimisation, improving the brand’s position in the search engines and helping to deal with enquiries.

Dan has worked in the marketing industry for over 8 years, and over that time has developed valuable skills in traditional link building, tiered link building, on page content creation and optimisation, video scripts and voiceovers, and more.

It’s important from Dan’s perspective to implement as much of his knowledge as he can across all the websites he works on, from Best Companies to Boomtown Bingo and Soft Surfaces, ensuring each site has freshness of  powerful and relevant links, managing content writers to implement new content clusters being uploaded regularly, helping to create promotional videos for the brand and more, all contributing to ranking improvements within Google.

Video Veggie is one of many websites that Dan looks forward to continuing working on in the future, applying his overall knowledge of SEO and being open to learning new techniques in the future.

Where Are We Based?

Our team stretches globally with amazing staff based all over the world.

Our head office is based out of the UK at 88 Park Lane, London, W1K 1QA, United Kingdom.

What Others Are Saying About Us

Here are some of the biggest online entrepreneurs who have used our service.

Karl Hudson

The team at Video Veggie have helped our casino brands drive traffic and sign-ups regularly. We tested many video optimisation services and found Video Veggie to be the best and now they are the only company we use when it comes to ranking on Youtube.

 Kasra Dash

Video Veggie transformed the way I shoot and gave me the confidence and community to take my work to the next level. The amount of traffic sent from the videos we rank is insane and love the team performing their magic.

Charles Floate

If you’re looking to rank videos on YouTube, there’s no better service I can recommend than Video Veggie. No fake view nonsense, they use tried and trusted methods that make the algorithm fall in love with your content.

Craig Campbell

If you are interested in Video SEO and you want to rank in Google Videos, Youtube or even on Google Search then is the brand you want to be dealing with. Ben and Dan do an amazing job as they fully understand behavioural signals, social signals, click-through rate engagement signals, video embeds and the semantic links needed to rank #1 in the search engines.

Here is a video of Craig Campbell SEO reviewing the Video Veggie service.

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