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Numbers Don’t Lie..

26,395 People

That’s the number of clients we’ve ranked for our client’s videos in our time. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the brands we’ve worked with below.

We Guarantee Rankings.

At Video Veggie, our tried and tested methods of ranking videos are second to none. So good in fact, that we actually guarantee to rank your keywords, how crazy is that?!


This is where it all starts..


Once you've got your video, determine what keywords you'd like to rank for.

Ranking AI

We then use our advanced Ranking AI to push your video to the top of the results page!


This skyrockets your brand above your competitors, helping with reputation, trust and exposure


And finally, that video can then convert views into revenue, promoting your product or service right where it belongs.

"If you want to rank in YouTube...then Video Veggie is someone you want to deal with"

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Why Use Video Veggie?

The beauty of Video Veggie is that our services aren’t bound to one industry. instead, business both small and large, ranging from industry to industry can make the most of our bespoke video ranking services! 

Below are some examples of when our service could come in handy.

Your Sales are Dropping

If your businesses sales figures are declining, it’s likely that your brand’s videos aren’t showing up in the right places online. Here’s why you might need Video Veggie:

  • Video is one of the best ways for potential customers to engage with your product, and we can push yours to the top of YouTube for your keywords.
  •  If you choose your keywords well, this can be lead hundreds of thousands of new viewers to your video.
  • Ranking for competitive keywords means more potential clients, and more clients means more profit. Simple!

Your Competitors are Growing Faster

Many businesses find it hard to compete with their competitors marketing techniques, and can quickly feel like they’re falling short. Not to worry, our video ranking services are here to help.

When videos rank in YouTube for your chosen search terms, your competition becomes irrelevant, driving all the traffic directly to your site.

"Video Veggie literally transformed my business. I never knew videos could be so powerful!"

Get Started Today

It’s well known how powerful a video can be for a business, and our manual, organic ranking services provide video rankings that work. 

  • Video Veggie can take your YouTube video and give it the boost it deserves, pushing your content way ahead of your competitors.
  • We’ll work closely with you to provide the best possible service.
  • Take a look at our prices below to find the best package for you and your business!

Transforming video as we know it...

Our Packages

Each of these booster packages will help your video rank higher in the search engines.

The larger packages have a better chance of ranking your primary keywords, and it is up to the customer to decide which package is needed. If you choose a pricing plan too small, you can always re-order to boost your rankings, but we generally advise the higher packages for faster results.



  • 100 Social Signal Blasts
  • Engagement
  • 50 Embeds
  • CTR Techniques



  • 200 Social Signal Blasts
  • Engagement
  • 100 Embeds
  • CTR Techniques



  • 300 Social Signal Blasts
  • Engagement
  • 200 Embeds
  • CTR Techniques
  • 50 DoFollow Backlinks



  • 600 Social Signal Blasts
  • Engagement
  • 500 Embeds
  • CTR Techniques
  • 150 DoFollow Backlinks
  • Secret Sauce

If not sure which package is right for you please check our guide to Which Pricing Plan Do I Order To Rank My Video?

Google approved AI Video SEO platform

Google’s algorithm rewards natural, organic marketing, and that’s exactly what we carry out here at Video Veggie.

Did you know, YouTube is actually owned by Google? YouTube works very similarly, and our techniques are designed to work perfectly.

"Page 1 in search results and 3X increase in monthly revenue"

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    We pride ourselves on our communication with our clients. Got a question regarding our services or your order? Simply fire us over a message and our team will be glad to help.

    Our process of video ranking is tried, tested and effective. Videos are made to be seen, and at Video Veggie, that's what we ensure happens.

    The results speak for themselves. To get get started today, simply view our price packages above! Alternatively, fire us over an email and we can discuss the best package for your needs.

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